Pumps and Motors

Pumps and Motors

We provide best quality water filter pumps & motors along with water boosting systems such as reverse osmosis (RO) booster & delivery pumps. More »

Membranes & Housings

Membranes & Housings

We offer top quality RO membranes & housings for your water filters that removes up to 99.9% of contaminants. More »

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

We carry the best selection of reverse osmosis systems for your home or office. Our systems remove up to 98% contaminants and are assembled in the USA. More »

Fleck (13857) Brine Valve, Plug

Fleck 5600 (13857) Brine Valve, Plug

Atlantic Ultraviolet (T1205-1343) Mighty Pure/Sanitron Systems Replacement UV Lamp for MP36A, S37A

Replacement UV lamp for MP36A, S37A

Watts (FH-WWF/3) Full Circle Filter Wrench for Standard 10″ & 20″ Housings

It has the words “OPEN” and “CLOSE” on opposite sides with arrows indicating which way to turn.DIMENSIONS: Length: 10″ Width: 5″ outer diameter

Fleck 7000 (WST-BIRM7054) 1.5 CF TIme Clock Birm 10″x54″ Tank – Iron & Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Removal – 3/4 – Plastic – Bypass

Birm is a manganese oxide which is a chemical free water treatment method to remove Iron, and Manganese. The filter will automatically backwash to a predetermined schedule using a calendar clock controlled

Hanna (HI70300-M) Electrode Storage Solution PH/ORP 0.23L

To minimize clogging and ensure fast response time, always keep the glass bulb and the junction of your pH electrode moist.Store the electrode with a few drops of HI 70300 storage or

QMP (QMP300-BK/BK) 10″ High Pressure Filter Housing 1/4″NPT Black

The QMP300BK High Pressure housing holds one standard 10″ L x 2.5″ W water filter cartridge and is typically used in under the counter filtration systems. This housing is ideal for a

H2O International (SHH-CP-IL) Deluxe In-Line Filter for Handheld Shower Head; CHROME

100 % proprietary blend of KDF Removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine Fits all Hand-held units Installs in seconds Helps protects infants sensitive skin from harmful chemicals Replace cartridge every 6-9

QMP (QMP501-45) Diverter Valves 1/4″ COMPRESSION; CHROME; Barb

QMP501-45 is a 1/4” Barb Diverter Valve Return that connects to your kitchen faucet. This diverter valve allows you to switch between the tap water from your faucet and filtered water from

FilterCor (FCP30R10P) 9-7/8″x2.5″ String Wound PolyPropylene 30 Micron Sediment Filter

FilterCor’s wound cartridge filters provide true depth filtration, high dirt holding capacity, and extremely low media migration. They are a superior, one-piece cartridge manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process, and

QMP (QMP510) Stainless Steel Spout

QMP510 is our long reach stainless steel spout with o-rings. It is hand polished to a mirror finish and comes with either a black or white tip.

FlexWave (FWRO-80) Composite RO Pressurized Tank 80 Gallon 1.25″ NPT

Light commercial and residential RO storage composite pressure vessel. High strength precision molded internal liner reinforced with continuous strand fibreglass and sealed with high grade epoxy resin. Polypropylene lower water chamber with

Fleck (12095) Brine Line Flow Control Washer; Washer Flow .50 GPM

Fleck 5600 & Fleck 5600SXT (12095) Brine Line Flow Control Washer; Washer Flow .50 GPM

PureT (BVB0987001) 10″x4.5″ Spun Polypropylene Sediment 1 Micron Filter

Economical light weight filters for Big Blue/Boy 10″ housings. Certified by NSF 42 and FDA CFR title 21.Pureteck sediment filter cartridge’s coreless design is an economical solution to pre-filtration for many applications.

Kemflo (1050LBPR-34-NP) 10″ Big Blue W/ PR Filter Housing 3/4″ NPT Black/Blue

The housing is made of polypropylene to ensure safety. Big Blue housing size with high flow cartridge is suitable for the usage of swimming pools, restaurants, schools, homes and farm irrigating. Maximum

Pura UV (40200116) Control Module, #11 & #20, 120V Electronic

Replacement UV Lamp Bulb for Pura UV for Add-on 3, UV20 and UVBB Series.Compatible models: 15530100, 15530200, 15530300, 15710100, 15710200, 15710400, 15710500, 15720121, 15720122, 15720221, 15720321, 15720421, 15720521, 15730131, 15730231, 15730331, 15730431,

Tomlinson (1020907) Contemporary Hot & Cold Dispenser Non Air Gap Faucet – Antique Bronze

Tomlinson (1020907) Contemporary Hot & Cold Dispenser Non Air Gap Faucet – Antique Bronze

Mazzei (ISO CAP-PVDF 2.0) Injector Replacement Caps for Model 4091

Used for British Pipe Thread models

QMP (QMP526) External Universal Adapter

QMP526 is our External Universal Adapter that fits any thread size on a faucet. The adapter connects to your kitchen or bathroom faucet and then the countertop system diverter valve attaches to

Fleck (60068-30) Float Assy 2310 w/ 30″ Rod

Fleck (60068-30) Float Assy 2310 w/ 30″ Rod

QMP (QMP505P) ELBOW; 1/4″ COMP. ADAPTER; Plastic

QMP505P is our 1/4″ compression lead free plastic elbow spout. It is used in our systems to connect the tubing to the filtration unit.