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GE Desal (1206748) AG-Series Tap Water/Brackish RO Elements AG4014TF; 4″ X 14″ 550 GPD TFC; TAPE


The A-Series, family of proprietary thin-film reverse osmosis membrane elements are characterized by high flux and excellent sodium chloride rejection. AG High Rejection Brackish Water Elements are selected when high rejection and operating pressures as low as 200 psig (1,379 kPa) are desired. These elements allow moderate energy savings, and are considered a standard in the industry. AG4014TF High Rejection Brackish Water elements feature a tape outer wrap and 28 mil feed spacers. This element is designed with male end connections. Element
ModelFlowActive AreaAvg. RejectionMin. RejectionPart NumberAG4014TF585 GPD22 ft299.5%99%1206748
are based on a 2000 mg/L NaCl solution at 225 psig operating pressure (1551 kPa), 77degree F (25degree C), 15% recovery, pH 7.5 after 24 hours. Individual flux may vary +25%/ -15%. Operating and Design Parameters Membrane: Thin Film Membrane (TFM)Typical Operating Pressure: 200 psigMaximum Pressure: 450 psigMaximum Temperature: 122degree FChlorine Tolerance: 1,000 ppm-hrs, dechlorination recommendedOptimum Rejection pH: 7.0 -7.5Operating pH Range: 4.0 – 11.0Cleaning pH Range: 2.0 – 11.5Feed NTU: Feed SDI: Typical Operating Flux: 10-20 GFD (15-35) L.H-1.M-2

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