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Filmtec (XLE-2540) Low Energy Membrane 850 GPD 2.5″ X 40″


A complete range of FILMTEC 2540-size elements is available to meet a wide variety of customer needs for commercial applications, from the highest purity water to the lowest total system costs. FILMTEC XLE-2540 is the most productive, lowest pressure RO membrane available, delivering the lowest total system cost. May be cleaned over the widest pH range (pH 1-13) for the most effective cleaning.Tape-wrapped elements are built with the same high quality membranes and materials of construction as industrial elements, without the hard outer shell. This makes them more economical for commercial systems with one or two elements per housing. Product Name Nominal Active Surface Areaft2 (m2) Permeate Flow Rategpd (m3/d) Stabilized Salt Rejection(%) FILMTEC XLE-2540 28 (2.6) 850 (3.2) 99.0 Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 500 ppm NaCl, 100 psig (6.9 bar), 77degree F (25degree C), and 8% recovery. Permeate flow rates for individual elements may vary +/-20%. For the purpose of improvement,
may be updated periodically.

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