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AquaCera (W9511201) 7″ Cerasyl Plus Candle Water Filter Element


This cleanable ceramic water filter element is designed to reduce suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, organic chemicals, and improve taste and odor. The 7″ AquaCerasyl ceramic element is available only as a “candle” (fitted with a threaded plastic cap on one end).The bore of the filter ceramic candle contains granular activated carbon to reduce organic chemicals and improve the color, taste, and odor of drinking water.This filter element is suitable for gravity and low pressure filter systems; it is not recommended for high pressure (high flow rate) systems. If used in pressure filters, the GAC granules may shift and “channelize” which could allow water to flow through the filter without and contact with the GAC. (1) 7″ AquaCerasyl Plus will produce 7 gallons per day in a gravity filter. Contaminant Removal: Pathogenic bacteria, Cysts, Sediment Organic Chemicals: Pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents, trihalomethanes. Chemicals Removed: ChlorineMaximum working pressure125 psi (8.6 bars)Maximum working temperature100 degree F (37.8 degree C)Minimum working temperature40 degree F (4.4 degree C)Recommended cleaning frequencyevery 6 months or when flow rate is noticeably lowerRecommended change frequencyevery 12 monthsContaminant RemovalThe great majority of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and cysts are larger than one micro . The pore size of the ceramic filter element is controlled so that it will remove all suspended matter larger than 0.9 micro .Pathogenic BacteriaChorela, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform: >99.99% removalCystsCryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia: 100% removal (based on tests by Arizona State University)SedimentDown to 0.9 micro , 100%; 0.5-0.8 micro with a filter efficiency of >99.99% (based on tests by Spectrum Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN)Some restrictions apply to the sale of ceramic filters in the states of CA, WI, MA & IA. Call for details.

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